Our Children

Their past. Living in hallways of apartment blocks, being raised by older siblings or by elderly grandparents with Alzheimer’s, or simply born while Mommy'1s in prison, our children start life with a great disadvantage.
The present. We’ve seen unemotional children become vibrantly cheerful. We’ve seen scared children become outgoing and friendly. We’ve seen withdrawn children become bright and eager to learn. We’ve seen babies grow to curious toddlers and then to energetic young children. We’ve seen teenagers look to us as their family – a family who loves and protects them. Children scarred by poverty, pain, neglect and abuse are experiencing the normal joys of childhood.
Their future. Some of our children have gone home to live with their families, and even though it’s so very hard to see them leave, we have had many reports of these children adjusting easily into their new environments. Some have come back to us because of various circumstances, and we welcome them with open arms. We have yet to see the “adult” outcome of these childrens’ lives, but we know that many, many parents’ lives have been impacted by the love they have experienced through their children being cared for. For many of these parents, Adullam House was their sole refuge for their child. Seeds have been planted and watered. andrea


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