Without intervention, many face the risk of repeating the terrible cycle and ending up as inmates themselves. Raising them up in the Gospel of Christ and the love of their Creator is the only way out.

 For some it’s a short-term rescue. For others it will be a brand-new permanent home. Many arrive scarred by poverty, pain, neglect and abuse. They’ve seen and experienced things no child should; innocent babies living in conditions that are hard to imagine, but that’s their past. At Adullam House, their future is forever changed. Here they can simply be kids. They find a safe, loving environment and learn a new way of life.

 Adullam House began as a calling on the lives of Pete and Angie Spackman. The Lord brought them from Great Britain to follow His vision for the forgotten children of society. They started working with prisoners and soon found themselves fully consumed with giving their children a new start. Through God’s grace and provision, the ministry has stayed debt free and continues to operate with no government funding.


◦Operates on 25 acres of land (original 18 acres donated)
◦Meets educational needs of the children through Adullam House Christian Academy
◦Provides a place to belong with beautifully decorated nurseries and children’s bedrooms
◦Allows for the normal joys of childhood
Raises children to know the Lord and the power of His love

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